• Kara Walker

Extraordinary Artist Kara Walker shouts us out!

In the New York Times, Khamit Kinks client Kara Walker: Under the Influence | Kara [...]

  • hair scissors and comb

In Need of a Trim!

The montage above shows my hair before my cut, after the cut, shampooed, conditioned and [...]

  • Tessa at Khamit Kinks

Naturalista & Fashionista – Afroista, Tessa Kagbala

Afroista Tessa Kagbala It's was a very different kind of day, one particular Saturday this [...]

  • Hand Chakras

Why You Love Your HairStylist

Khamit Kink's Stylist Kangue and client Tessa Kagbala a.k.a. Afroista - Photo by Michael July I [...]

  • View of the ocean

Naturalistas Travel The World w/ LuxTravelGirl

Kamala Cummings, is a sister who inspires me every time I see her posting on [...]

  • Grass

Dew Points and Natural Hair! Really?!

I am an avid watcher of The Weather Channel and at one point I secretly wished to [...]

  • Khamit Kinks Chaka Khan Weave

A New Hair Style

Khamit Kinks Chaka Khan Weave  A woman often looks refreshed in a brand new hairstyle [...]

Consultations for Natural Hair Styles

Khamit Kinks Recommend Consultations At Khamit Kinks we highly recommend that most clients come into the [...]

  • Kinky Sexy Summer 2013

Kinky Sexy You – Summer Hairstyles That Sizzle

    Who doesn't want to look their fabulous best with the sun is beaming, [...]