Our Story

In 1988, Khamit Kinks was brought to life on the ground floor of a historic brownstone in the Bedford-Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn. By 1996 the business outgrew this space and Khamit Kinks relocated to TriBeCa where we thrived for nearly a decade. Although the years in Manhattan were exciting and productive, we longed to be back in Brooklyn so we packed our things and returned to our roots.

Today we are located on Atlantic Avenue, in the center of the business and shopping districts of downtown Brooklyn, just a few minutes away from Barclay’s Center. With a roster of high profile clients plus a loyal following of friends and family, we love our neighborhood and know you will too.


Khamit Kinks’ first priority is to encourage, support and maintain healthy hair both responsibly and creatively. We believe that when the hair is strong and healthy, the styling options and possibilities are endless.

At Khamit Kinks, we encourage our clients to treat and style their hair to support vitality and growth. However, we cannot support styles that do not have the overall integrity of your hair as a first priority. For example, if a style is potentially damaging, we will encourage you to consider another style. If a client insists on having a style not recommended, we require a signed disclaimer and in some cases, will not be able to work with said client.

Overall, our goal is to promote and support strong, healthy and beautiful hair that will enhance your natural beauty for years to come.