Project Description


Whether braids, are single or cornrows, large, medium or small they remain classic, timeless and can be used to create all kinds of looks, from everyday to special occasion.  This style was inspired by the creativity of our ancestors.

Braids traditionally identified one’s tribe, a person’s community, age, marital status, wealth, power, social position, and religion.  We are grateful to keep this African tradition as a core component to Khamit Kinks’ offerings.

For this stunning look we partnered large Goddess Braids with small cornrows, and Trini braids to create dimension and texture.

Style Details

Production Hours:
3-hour session

Products Used:
Anu Essentials Shampoo, Conditioner Hair Oil & Soft Set Gel

Next salon visit 4 weeks – Can be shampooed, but own hair in large braids will become frizzy.


Extension Hair:
Synthetic hair provided and included in price