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Loc Services

Discount Tuesday & Wednesdays

Locs - $70.00
(regularly $90.00)

Starter Locs - $90.00
(regularly $105.00)

Repairs and Extensive work on locs must be done on a day separate from the discount day and will require an extra charge of $60 per hour.



  • Good News! Khamit Kinks is here to service your Locs, regardless of their condition. For Starter Locs, we offer the palm rolling method. The Palm Rolling method, the foundation technique used for all loc maintenance, is a technique of rolling each individual section. This process enables your locs to grow uniformly in both length and width.
  • The Coil Technique is an alternative method used to begin Locs for short hair. Your hair is rolled up on a rubber coated wire and left in as a style for 6- 8 weeks. When the wire is removed, your hair has already begun to Loc and you are now ready to have your new Locs palm rolled. As long as the palm roll does not get wet (we recommend a shower cap worn while you bathe) they will stay in place until your next visit 4-6 weeks later.
  • For longer lengths (5" or more) and hard to Loc hair (straighter textures) we recommend a 2 Strand Twist. This method is two pieces of hair twisted together very much like Senegalese Twists. This style can stay in for up to 3 months before Locing. It's a great way to try the loc look if you're uncertain about Locing. For maintenance, we suggest coming into the salon every 4-6 weeks for palm rolling.
  • If you have already started your Locs we can help you maintain them. We offer you the basics as well as specialty treatments including: shampoo, conditioner, hot oil, henna, scalp treatments, manicuring and clipping, joining together of weak locs, herbal rinses, etc.
  • We also offer extension locs. This is a simulated loc procedure that is recommended for those who want instant locs. Extension locs can be used for locs that need repair, or to lengthen your locs, or to make some of your locs that may have thinned look thicker.
  • Allow us to pamper your locs so that they will grow healthy, thick, and lush.

Loc Extensions

Loc Extensions are for those who can't wait or who need a few locs repaired. This style is achieved by using Cotton Spiral Hair for a full head of extension locs. For those who just want to add to their existing locs prices are quite different. Please call us to set up an in person consultation.
Prices Begin at:
$5.00 (5 inch minimum) Additonal inches at $1.00 per inch per loc
$30.00 per bundle of hair (# of bundles required depends on the individual)
$60.00 per hour to add loc extensions for lengthening,
repairs, and thickening purposes
$400.00 to attach a full head of locs
Our Loc extension process allows you to have Locs almost instantly. The process of growing Locs, which can take months and sometimes years, depending on your desired length, can now be achieved in a couple of weeks. It takes approximately two weeks for us to make up enough Locs for a full head. Therefore, this is a style you must plan for in advance. We also make up small orders for those who want to extend their existing Locs or those who need to replace damaged Locs. The process is as follows:

The Process

  • You determine the color, size, length, and number of locs you want.
  • Once you determine how many locs you want and how long you want them, an order will be placed for the hair required to make your locs, Cotton Spiral.
  • You are required to pay for your hair in advance. The hair is $30.00 per bundle. The number of bundles required will depend on size, length, and number of locs you request. For a full head of Locs, at an average length (100 Locs, five inches long to the nape of the neck) the minimum estimate on the hair would be approximately $150.00 for 5 bundles.
  • We hand roll each Loc into a perfect cylinder shape. Our hand rolled Locs, are guaranteed to last for years if you follow our instructions.
  • The cost of the extension hair (Cotton Spiral @ $30.00 per bundle) and the full price of your Loc Extensions must be paid for before process is started.
  • Prices are as follows: The price for Locs start at a $5.00 minimum. Any length between one inch and five inches would be $5.00 per Loc. Any Loc over five inches is priced at $1.00 per inch, per Loc. Therefore one, ten inch Loc, would be ten dollars and so on.
  • If you want to book an appointment for us to attach your Locs, there is an additional fee for attaching your Loc extensions. This process of attaching the Locs usually takes approximately six hours and is a flat fee of $400.00. This does not include the cost of hair or the cost of making the Loc Extensions.
  • You are welcome to order the Locs and have another salon attach them for you if you live outside of the New York area. We are not responsible for how someone attaches your Locs.

This is an investment that can be hefty. However, the results are stunning and undetectable. Even those who know “you” will marvel at the realness of your extension locs and will think you grew your Locs overnight.