Nereshte - Khamit Kinks

Nereshte was first introduced to professional braiding techniques when the founder of Khamit Kinks, Anu Prestonia was commissioned to teach natural hair techniques to a class of Junior High School students. Nereshte was only eleven years old at the time. She took the classes serious and focused and steadily developed her talent. While in her freshman year at Hofstra University, Neresthet’s first professional salon job was at Khamit Kinks TriBeCa. She then relocated to Atlanta and further honed her skills at Deeply Rooted salon.

Eventually Nerseshte decided to become a private stylist and entrepreneur. During that time along with her business partner, she created a full line of natural hair products. This business venture was initially inspired by the Khamit Kinks’s line of botanically based Hair Oils. Nereshte started out also making Hair Oils. Her business partner encouraged her to do a complete line of natural hair products.

With a relocation back to New York, Nereshte has returned to the fold and is back with us at Khamit Kinks with her signature style, a full head of Twist that has the look of a huge Twist Out. Nereshte’s mother is from South Africa and is of Zulu Heritage. As and ode to her late mother, this style is called “Zulu Twist Out”.

Specialties: baby curl twist, two strand twists, twist sets, Loc grooms.