Natasha Makes Mane Moves

Attend any fabulous event for Naturalistas in the New York City area and the person filming the event […]

What’s Up with Down Dog?

Anu Down DogMe… in an imperfect Down Dog

When I began […]

For The Love of You

For The Love of You

Sita | A harmonizing floral […]

Love At Any Age


On a autumn evening in 2011 I had arrived home from work […]

Naturalista & Fashionista – Afroista, Tessa Kagbala

Tessa Kagbala
Afroista Tessa Kagbala

It’s was a very different kind of […]

Digital Consultations via Skype

Anu Prestonia and Skype3Owner of Khamit Kinks Anu Prestonia at […]

Why You Love Your HairStylist

Khamit Kinks with AfroistaKhamit Kink’s Stylist Kangue and client Tessa […]

Naturalistas Travel The World w/ LuxTravelGirl


Kamala Cummings, is a sister who inspires me every time I see […]

Dew Points and Natural Hair! Really?!


I am an avid watcher of The Weather Channel and at […]

Down-Socking: My Foot and Sock Fetish

Anu's single socksSingle socks in my house

I have a thing […]