Advice from the Pros

//Advice from the Pros

Texture Definition using Anu Essentials

Anu Essentials

I amdelighted to share with you how I style my hair […]

The Natural Bride Then and Now

Jennifer Ivey9

It was 33 years ago when my dear friend Jennifer was […]

Extraordinary Artist Kara Walker shouts us out!

In the New York Times, Khamit Kinks client Kara Walker: Under the Influence | Kara Walker on Aerobics, D’Angelo and Her […]

In Need of a Trim!

Anu before and afterThe montage above shows my hair before my cut, […]

Natasha Makes Mane Moves

Attend any fabulous event for Naturalistas in the New York City area and the person filming the event […]

Digital Consultations via Skype

Anu Prestonia and Skype3Owner of Khamit Kinks Anu Prestonia at […]

Dew Points and Natural Hair! Really?!


I am an avid watcher of The Weather Channel and at […]

A New Hair Style

Khamit Kinks Chaka Khan Weave 33

Consultations for Natural Hair Styles

Khamit Kinks Recommend Consultations

At Khamit Kinks we highly recommend that most clients come into the salon for a consultation before we […]