We are proud to announce that our Manager, Taeisha Black will be teaching a course at this year’s Natural Hair Industry Convention on “Being Extraordinary”.  As a licensed Cosmetologist, Aethetician, and certified Trichologist, Taeisha has a true passion for the beauty business.  But it’s not just about hair. Taeisha’s  class will focus on leading with integrity, using the three C’s to communicate and connecting with your inner self.  If you have ever had a chance to have a consultation with Taeisha or connect with her in person or over the phone you have experienced the authenticity she brings to every interaction.  We all need more of this in our lives.  It is indeed a plus that she will be sharing her gifts with others who are in our industry and serving our people.



Yours truly will also be teaching a class at The Natural Hair Industry Convention. I will be teaching a yoga class that focuses on Women’s Wellness. As a licensed Cosmetologist, certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, certified Reiki Practitioner, former student of  Chinese Medicine, I have a passion for wellness.  I am looking to share the practices that prevent occupational hazards such as burnout.  Not just about the body, I will also share how yoga is a gateway to cultivating vibrancy, peace & harmony, while developing spiritual maturity.

We look forward to seeing you there!