Anu Prestonia Blog Her 6Hey Fran Hey and Awesomely Luuvie at BlogHer2014

This summer was my third year attending the annual BlogHer conference; a conference for bloggers to learn all the latest in the blogging world, from technology, advertising, writing styles, to trends and beyond.

Anu Prestonia Blog Her 8The Arizona posse was in the house!

What is available each year is a plethora of information on how to improve and promote your blog presence, along with ways to partner with brands for advertising and monetizing one’s blog. There is quite a bit of inspiration that occurs with workshops, aspirational speakers, presenters, parties, films and all sorts of activities to keep you busy and hyped.

Anu Prestonia Blog Her 1Erika Nicole Kendall was cooking up healthy eats & recording it on her cool Nokia phone.

I’ve noticed over these three years the number of black women attending BlogHer has definitely increased, perhaps even tripled.  To give you an idea of the numbers, there were 2500 attendees and black women were less than 1%, still a significant increase over previous years.  But what was really a delightful surprise this year is the increase in the number of black women with natural hair. I would estimate that over 95% of the black women at BlogHer this year were naturalistas.

Anu Prestonia Blog Her 00 Naturalistas Unite!

 I was so inspired b y the number of black women at BlogHer with natural hair, that I planned a flash mob and two hours later a number of us gathered outside the Convention Center, in the warmth and sunshine to introduce ourselves, share information and see how we might connect beyond the BlogHer weekend. Awesomely Luuvie was there as was Francheska of Hey Fran Hey. Sisters connecting… I love that!

Anu Prestonia Blog Her 4Fashion Bloggers are always so sharp

 These bloggers have platforms on many different topics from, lifestyle, to being a new mommy, politics, food, fashion, technology and the list goes on. If you’re a blogger, and especially if you’re new to blogging, I highly recommend attending at least one BlogHer conference.

Anu Prestonia Blog Her 14Demetria Lucas aka ‘A Belle In Brooklyn’ interviewed Kerry Washington

There’s always pertinent information, connections and lots of fun.  I had a number of meaningful, engaging and authentic connections with amazing women.  It it my hope that I offered something of value to them as they certainly added value to my life.

Anu Prestonia Blog Her 2Hanging with old and new friends – Martina, Me, Patrica Patton , & Carol

Anu Prestonia Blog Her 9Was great to see Chescaleigh at BlogHer this year

Anu Prestonia Blog Her 5More Locs were represented

Anu Prestonia Blog Her 3Creativity with the top knot

Anu Prestonia Blog Her 12Good eats and fun times were had with Iman Jefferson and Awesomely Luvvie