Jennifer Ivey9

It was 33 years ago when my dear friend Jennifer was to be married and ask me to do her hair for her wedding day. Her hair had been natural even before we met and once I starting braiding her hair, we became fast friends. She was the first bride whose hair I was to style.  We were both very excited about the styling options. At the time my signature styles were created with micro braids and small beads. So we chose a style that would be flat on the top of her head to accommodate the beautiful head-piece she was having made.

Jennifer Ivey 5The bride and her groom Rod Ivey

 So imagine our surprise when a friend and co-worker told Jennifer that she should have her hair straightened for her wedding day.  Jennifer asked her, “Why would I do that, I’ve been wearing my hair natural and that’s how I want to wear my hair for my wedding day.” Her friend was sure she would look more beautiful with straight hair for her wedding and even offered to pay to have someone come to her house to straighten her hair for the momentous occasion.  That didn’t happen!  And when at last she saw Jennifer on her wedding day, she had to concede that Jennifer indeed looked amazingly beautiful, natural hair and all.  We never recommend going against who you are for your wedding day. And never do anything drastic like cutting your hair short or dying it some color you’ve never had before or straightening your hair to please others. You’ll regret it.  Stay true to who you are and your natural esthetic to experience the height of confidence and comfort on your special day.

Jennifer Ivey 2Jennifer and her mother Mrs. Allen

Unfortunately I didn’t think to have pictures of her hair taken without the head-piece. Therefore, you can only see traces of the style, small, white beads hanging at the nape of her neck and on one side, some of the cornrows can be seen.

Jennifer Ivey 6Jennifer and her father Mr. Allen

These days that would never happen. We take before and after photos. Some of brides even choose to come in and have an array of styles tested months before their wedding so they can best determine which style works best for them for their wedding day.

Jennifer Ivey 3Here you can see how the braids and beads hug here neck and hang at the right point without interfering with the fabulous collar of her jacket

In other words, we are not new to servicing the natural bride, we’ve been doing so for over 30 years.  It is our great honor to sit down with a bride and to take in consideration how she wants her hair to look on her wedding day. We consult with her on the style of her wedding (day or evening wedding, formal or beach wedding etc) the style of the gown, the head-piece and together come up with something that is perfect for you.  Some brides want elaborate styles, others like it sweet and simple.  Some brides want a style they can take on a honeymoon and go skinny-dipping in and others want something over the top, just for that day.  And we have several bridal packages for the bride to choose from.

Jennifer Ivey 7

Whatever your style, know that we are here to serve you and your wedding party and make your hair dreams come true for that special day. Trust and believe a natural bride is a beautiful bride, a confident bride, an elegant bride, a sophisticated bride, a lovely bride and a unforgettable bride. Some of our most recent bridal work can be seen in this special edition of Munaluchi Bridal Magazine.

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