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How to Enhance Your Natural Curl

Natural Stylist’s are often asked: How do I maintain my hair natural curl when I can’t get to the salon?

We first suggest knowing your hair texture. Knowing your hair texture allows you to gauge how much product you will need. You want to maintain a healthy look and feel to your hair

At Khamit Kinks, Anu Essential Hair care products is our first choice to keep your natural hair enriched and nourished, but there are many natural hair products to choose from. Just know which ones are right for you.

You want to choose products that are moisturizing. If your hair is dry and brittle, there may be several reasons for that. You want to start with the best products for your hair, a trim if you have dead or split ends and to especially take note of your diet. Healthy hair starts from the inside out.

The great thing about Anu Essentials hair care product line is that they are concentrated! Which means a little bit goes a long-way. With any product, we suggest starting with a quarter size and adding more as needed.

Natural Curly Hair

So how do you create natural curls without over conditioning?

A conditioner is a great source for adding moisture to your hair. It also protects your hair from environmental elements and hair styling products. There is a major difference between leave in conditioner and regular conditioner. The main being that regular conditioner tends to be a lot heavier or thicker. This can cause build-up on the hair shaft over time.

But the weight should not matter because the ideal behind regular conditioner is once the product has set for the time specified, it should be rinsed out thoroughly. Unlike a leave in conditioner, which will nourish your locks in between shampoos to perk up your tresses.

Here’s what to do:

Start with damp to wet hair; depending on the thickness and texture of your curl, start with a quarter size amount working from the ends of your hair up towards your crown. Don’t put a glob on top of the scalp and work it in. This may not disrupt the product evenly and it may make your hair appear greasy after styling. Instead, work all the products into your hair evenly.

Scrunch the product into your hair, and work it up towards the middle to the scalp.

Use a blow dry with a diffuser. For damp hair use a low speed setting start with the ends and scrunch hair into the diffuser. Once the desire curl begins to shape, dry for a few minutes more. You don’t have to completely dry your hair, which allows it to dry naturally, retaining moisture and shape.

Anu Essentials Hait Products

We recommend the following products through your natural hair care journey.

1.Leave In Conditioner

This conditioning treatment is great for an everyday boost in retaining hydration and moisture for loose curl textures, human hair extensions and weaves. For tightly curled or kinky textures, this product offers great protection when adding heat from blow drying, flat ironing, using hot curlers or heat of any kind on the hair. Use this product before drying the hair or use it when allowing your hair to air dry.

Instructions: This Leave-In-Conditioner is cream based and therefore very hydrating and moisturizing. It can be used daily or whenever your hair is in need of extra hydration and moisture. Use on the hair when it is wet or when it is dry. Squirt small amounts of this Leave-In-Conditioner into your hands and then distribute it evenly throughout the hair to add sheen, hydration and luster.

2. Luscious Curling Cream

Our luxurious curling cream is specially formulated to enhance, define, and moisturize the natural curl pattern of your hair. It is plush with soft and gentle holding ingredients that hydrate your hair.

Instructions: For best results, use this product when the hair is clean, wet, and has been detangled. Finger comb the product through out the strands of your hair, section by section. Leave this product on the hair and set and add definition to your natural curl pattern by drying the hair under a hood dryer or air dry. This product can also be mixed with our Soft Set Gel.

3. Soft Set Gel

Our Soft Set Gel is formulated with botanicals to offer a gentle and pliable hold and will not deplete your hair of essential moisture, nor strip your hair of its natural oils. Great for a flexible hold and defining your natural curl pattern. This Gel can be used in combination with our Curling Cream.

Instructions: In this concentrated gel a little goes a long way. Apply lightly to avoid flaking and build up. This product can also be mixed with our Curling Cream.


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