Honey Suckle Flower

To all our Honey Suckle Hair Oil lovers out there, I sincerely Thank you for your willingness to continue buying our Honeysuckle Oil when the fragrance was changed from a popular synthetic scent to an all natural, botanical based scent.  It is with much sadness that I must inform you that another change is upon the horizon.  Our botanical based Honey Suckle Hair Oil has been formulated by hand, by yours truly and I have delighted in combining oils to approximate the scent of the sweet and musky honeysuckle flower.

There really is no true honeysuckle oil on the market to speak of.  Well there are some sources for “real” honeysuckle oil, but they are not available in quantities that are required to scent hair oils.  And their quality and availability even for tiny amounts is cost prohibitive. Not to mention they haven’t yet mastered the procuring process because the scent is not quite on the mark. In other words, honeysuckle flowers are not too compliant in giving up their good stuff,  their ‘fragrance’.

Newly Felled Rosewood Tree
Newly cut down rosewood tree

The issue stems from the fact that I have been using Rosewood oil as a primary ingredient in the formulation of our Honeysuckle Hair Oil, and it is now on the endangered list. Rosewood trees are tropical and grow primarily in Brazil and Madagascar. These trees are destroyed for production of the essential oils and are being harvested at an unsustainable rate. This is just a part of the more general problem of deforestation in the Amazon.  Because of this, when our supply of rosewood runs out, I will no longer be using rosewood in any of my products. Though there will be those companies who will continue to try and sell rosewood oil, it is on it’s way of being extinct and many find continuing to use rosewood oil unethical.


I will make every effort to approximate the fragrance of our current Honey Suckle Hair Oil using other essential oils that are abundantly available.  This is “downside” of using naturals. There are any number of variables that can affect their ability for essences to be consistently the same in smell, texture and color and availability. Their availability can be affected due to weather patterns, natural disasters and even wars have an affect on the ability of some plant materials to be sown and or harvested. Still naturals remain my fragrance option of choice, because it is not just about the scent.  It’s also about the healing properties of naturals.

Anu Prestonia formulating perfumes

At this point we probably have enough rosewood in stock to last until the New Year. In the meantime, I will be working diligently to reformulate the fragrance using other botanicals that are much more readily available and I will definitely let you know when the formulation no longer includes rosewood. Many thanks for your continued support of products that are made with naturals.

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