You’ve spent some time thinking about letting your hair grow longer, right? And now that you’ve decided (great!), the process of letting it grow will take time too.

Realistically, give yourself four months to a year, depending on desired length and texture of your hair. If you are transitioning from chemically processed hair, it may take a bit longer. But don’t fret! Anything worth doing is worth doing right so, be patient. And prepare!

To prepare, think from the inside out. How healthy is your diet? What you put into your body, determines your hair growth cycle. The best way to stimulate hair follicles is by eating foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, foods that fuel a natural healthy environment for hair growth. You may want to have an annual check up and ask your doctor what supplements would be beneficial for growing your hair.

Start with a trim. Visit a professional salon to get your tresses prepared. A trim cuts away any dead hair or breakage that could sabotage your process before you even get started. Having a trim only when needed will help keep your natural hair healthy and strong as you go through the process.

Invest in good products. Having the right shampoo, conditioner, styling tools and moisturizer are important to your natural hair growth. Depending on your hair texture and type, know how often you should shampoo impurities such as oil and build up from your hair and scalp. A good deep conditioner and moisturizer protect and improve your hair conditions.

Note: Khamit Kinks offers a line of hair care products that are concentrated and great for maintenance of your new growth.

Massaging your scalp 3-4 minutes regularly with hair oil before shampooing can help increase blood flow.

Experiment with two or three natural styles while your hair is growing. For instance, at the beginning of the week you might try braids or a twist, and by the end of the week you might feel like an up-do or a twist. You have a variety of styling options!

Avoid heat and over styling. Protect your hair with hats that are lined with silk and sleep on silk pillowcases. Wrap your hair with a silk scarf at night. Lovely!

A little oil on your ends keeps your tresses tame and moisturized. Since a blow dryer tends to cause more damage when setting and drying, an investment in a hooded dryer is well worth it especially when using a deep conditioner.

Note: Know your hair type. At Khamit Kinks we offer hair care consultations. We can speak directly to your hair care needs and help you maintain your healthy growth.

With these suggestions and working with your hair care professional, your hair will be healthier and longer within no time! We would love to watch your process. Tag us, or share your experience with us via social media.

Above all the process should be fun and create a life long process to a healthy you.