It was so wonderful to be a part of the Coutour and Doll Show in Harlem this past weekend.  It reminded me of how much I loved receiving dolls as a child.  But these dolls are for both children and adults.  They had something very special; because they were made by hand they seemed to be infused with spirit.

12219527_10153803000542962_6965499795802270143_nThis doll made by doll maker Francine Haskins.  Many of Ms. Haskin’s dolls are like busts that you would place on a table.

12208472_10206833447569196_3732521200471183025_nHere is my purple beauty.  She is a little difficult to see up against the purple shrug I tried on by Laura Gadson.  The quilts in the background are also by Laura.  It’s funny how the one to my right has a similar hairstyle as mine.

12239963_10153803000582962_3045191973566902582_nThis fushia clad beauty had me thinking of how to obtain her.  But the next day when I arrived she was gone, sold!  Her raw silk, multi-colored hair was dazzling.  Created by the beautiful Betty Baines.

12249920_10153803000632962_9125376236974904857_n-1This earth Goddess is another of Betty Baines creations.  The details tell a story of vision, commitment and love.

12246968_10153803000852962_1786793733488996996_n-1I so enjoyed sharing Anu Essentials in this setting with artist of a certain cultural slant.  And the customers were amazing too.  So many of them walked through looking like works of art themselves.  I will be selling again with Shimoda Accessories at the on the weekend of December  5th and 6th.  Please come by and check out Anu Essentials and the other artists that will be selling one of a kind, amazing works of art for and this gift giving season.

To see more of the dolls and the doll makers click here.