Before You Color - Khamit Kinks

Are you thinking of a creative lift for your natural tresses as the seasons shifts to brighter, sunnier days? Maybe you’re looking to have your hair color-corrected? Or, perhaps you’re even thinking of a totally new creative color? Well, you’re on the right track because your hair can give you just the boost you’re looking for!

We know you have seen your new hair color all over social media, even discussed it with your stylist a time or two. So, now what? Are you ready for the commitment that coloring takes? How will you look with your new inspiration?

As stylists, we love to create! We adore color even more. Just look around social spaces. No color is safe! And there is no color we won’t try! But, would it be right for you?


We know you hear us mention all the time to have a consultation for your hair care needs and this time we really mean it! If it’s a major color change, you will want to get a consult!

  • It’s best not to be impulsive when making a decision to color your natural hair
  • Be honest with yourself about the change you are committing to
  • Do a color strand test to determine what may look best
  • We recommend a patch test at least 24 hours before the appointment
Before You Color - Khamit Kinks

We have clients who come in and know without doubt what color they want their new tresses to be. Some leave loving it! And they continue to return for a retouch and maintenance.

But for a small number, once they sit with their stylist and begin to talk through their color idea, it doesn’t work for their hair type, texture of facial features. Or for some, the end result wasn’t what was expected and a lot of time has been wasted and everyone is left feeling disappointed.

Whether you are new to hair coloring or a pro with years of changing your look, a consultation is most beneficial to learning what is best for your hair before, during and after your color process. This is also the time to talk strategy about your on-going hair care needs.

Remember, hair coloring will make your hair drier than normal so, it is important to keep your hair conditioned and soft. Conditioned hair holds color better than dry, brittle or damaged hair. Conditioned hair also makes the colored hair shinier and brighter.

Be prepared for your hair color consultation. Do some research prior to your appointment so that you have realistic expectations on the new color trend. It will be helpful to bring all the images that have inspired you.


 Now that you have met with a consultant and are super excited about your decision to color, it’s time to bring your stylist into the conversation!

For clients who color with us for the first time, or who have not had their natural tresses colored treated in sometime, please note: your stylist will do a patch test 24 hours before your appointment to ensure you will not have an allergic reaction.

  • Bring lots of researched images of your new color or style
  • Be prepared for how long certain coloring/styling processes may take
  • Creative colors take time and can be expensive
  • Purchase products that will maintain your colored tresses at home