Our Afro Futuristic styles blend the traditional and the new.

O lovers, lovers, the time of union and encounter has come. The proclamation from heaven has come: “Moon-faced beau- ties, welcome hither!” – Rumi



First up Hair Sculpture by Kangue Dioume

Truly a work of art.   Each style is unique to the wearer, no two are alike.  Kangue discusses your desired
vision and then magically works her fingers to sculpt one-of-a kind hair couture.

This updo is quite elegant and perfect for red carpets, special occasions, weddings, proms, and formals of all kinds.
For this style, a healthy hairline is a must.
If your own hair is long and thick extensions may not be required. Extensions were added to this model’s hair.


Corkscrews by Anu Prestonia

A style from the west coast of Africa, made popular in Senegal. I first began doing corkscrews in the 80’s. Back then they were always done long, at least to the shoulders. This new version is short and sassy for today’s modern and busy lady. Although this style can be done with synthetic hair, using Laine (a fiber from a tree in West Africa) helps create flawless formations one after the other.


Braids, Braids, Braids by Anu Prestonia

Whether braids, are single or cornrows, large, medium or small they remain classic, timeless and can be used to create all kinds of looks, from everyday to special occasion. This style was inspired by the creativity of our ancestors that is still accessible today via our hair.

Large Goddess Braids were combined with small cornrows, and Trini braids to create dimension and texture.


It’s been eighteen years since I did hair on a regular basis in the salon. In 1998 I moved from behind the chair to recover from burnout and to focus on other aspects of Khamit Kinks. It was challenging and fun to dig in my bag of skills and pull out these two styles.

Check out the behind the scenes fun below!

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