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We have a wonderful client name Rob.  I say wonderful because Rob just has a way about him, he is always smiling and apparently takes good humor and joy where ever he goes.  This dad is a loyal client and dedicated to bringing his daughter Gwen, from South Jersey to Brooklyn every couple of months to have her hair done.  And as a hands on dad, Rob also has spent many a night un-braiding his daughter’s hair in preparation for her appointment at the salon.

Rob first came on my radar when one cold winter day we received a shipment of Anu Essentials products, a pallet full, dozens and dozens of boxes.  Rob being the gentleman that he is, volunteered to help us not only bring the products into the salon, but he also helped haul them downstairs to the basement.  I was so grateful to meet this generous and kind client of ours.

RJY_0080Gwen holding her dad’s camera

I was so surprised and at the same time delighted when Rob recently informed me that he had convinced his beautiful daughter to switch her style from braids to Sister Locks.  After his last session of being up over night un-braiding her hair, he thought Sister Locks would be a great solution to the tedious removal of braids.  Obviously, Rob did his homework to come up with this stellar solution.  Now his daughter only has to have her hair re-tightened, no more removing of braids.

It is very rare to see such a young girl with Sister Locks, but it makes so much sense if you’re looking for a way to cut down time on hair maintenance.  If you have had enough of removing braids or twists, Sister Locks may be a solutions for you or for your daughter.