The Responsibility Of A True Naturalista!

I consider myself a Naturlista (A hipster who wears her hair natural) not just because I wear my hair natural and have done so since I was a child; but because I love, respect, and adore nature and what she offers each and everyone of us.  All that is vital, all that is essential, comes from nature; the air we breathe, the water that we cannot live without, the foods we eat, the botanicals that heal us, and yes, the oil that we use to fuel our lives – heat our homes and gas up our cars and that are destroying the planet.

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As one who has had a fascination with the power of herbs and who cherishes organic produce, and nature in general, I can’t help but notice how severe weather is  having a negative impact on the bounty that the earth produces, in addition to greatly impacting the lives of people.  As an avid gardener, I experienced this past summer how extreme heat made it difficult for gardeners everywhere to keep their gardens hydrated and lush.  Severe weather, no matter if it’s drought, flood, fires, mud slides or seasons behaving in extreme ways, comes at the cost called climate change.

For instance, the apples orchards were affected by the very hot summer we had, so yield was lower and prices higher. Bees are on the decline and they are the workers that pollinate food so we can eat.  Unless you don’t mind having a diet filled with GMO (Genetically Modified Food) for your meals.  In case you don’t know, GMO’s are man made products used to generate food.  This food doesn’t have it’s foundation from the earth, therefore, it is not real food .   And even worse, there is the possibility of having NO FOOD, as just happened with thousand in NY and NJ  following the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Red Hook Brooklyn – Pic via  Miss Posh

We’ve ignored the warning signs. The very idea that we could get through a Presidential election without even the mention of climate change, was amazing to me.   Seems Mother Nature thought so too!  So She made it her business to step up and be heard and acknowledged.  She seemed to say with hurricane Sandy, “Hey, look at the results of what you are doing to the only planet you can maintain life on”.  It’s no secret that the amount of fossil fuels burned is affecting the atmosphere, killing our ozone layer, heating up the planet, which causes the snow caps and glaciers to melt and the water levels rise.  Are you aware that clean drinking and bathing waters are precious gifts not available to millions around the globe?  But we are not encouraged to conserve the “seemingly” abundance of water at our disposal?  And then there’s deforestation around the planet that is causing earth matter to shift?  And the newest way to rape the earth is called Fracking.  My heart bleeds at the thought of how the earth continues to be raped and disrespected in these modern times.


Niagara County soil and Water Conservation

We can all make small changes in our lives, a little adjustment here and there to make significant differences for the betterment of this planet.   We can make an assessment of the ways in which we are not respecting natural resources, the waste that we participate in daily. All is not lost, there is still time to make a difference.  We need to take “natural” beyond just our hair and our diet, and bring it into every aspect of our lives.  And we can start by educating ourselves on how to behave in ways that engender sustainability and show responsibility across the board, not just with our tendrils.  That’s just the first awakening, we have take it further.


Yes, it’s hip to have natural hair these days, to be considered a Naturalista and to espouse the Naturalista lingo of transitioning, co-washing, big-chop, finger combing and the like.  But what happens when life get to be sooo WICKED that the last thing on your mind is your hair?  Naturalistas we have the power to make changes.  We set the trends and we need to get on with setting the trend of sustainability of our planet, if we want to insure a future that is beautiful, clean, sane and reliable.  Otherwise, your hair be damned, you’ll be spending all your energy trying to figure out how to survive under harsh and painful conditions, like so many others have done following the 2004 tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, the hurricane in Haiti, the 2010 tsunami and earthquake in Japan.  Do we think that because we live in America we are immune to the weather horrors others have experienced? Katrina, Irene and now Hurricane Sandy have dispelled that myth.  Hurricane Sandy was followed by a nor’easter, something unheard of in the history of weather reporting. for a nor’easter to follow a hurricane in such short proximity.

We can no longer afford to walk around with our cute heads in the sand.  Wake up and smell the herbal tea Naturlistas!  It’s time for us to get busy taking natural beyond our hair and start taking on the responsibility of protecting our planet for the next generation of Naturalistas.  If not for yourself, do it for the children.  They deserve to live a life that is free from devastation, a life filled with light, love, empowerment and beauty.  Check out some of the above links, become informed and start taking action to save our planet.  If you’re already involved in sustainability organizations or programs, please feel free to share them with us here.  Thank you!


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