Baring it All

Always on the look out for videos pertaining to beauty, I was introduced to the documentary series called What’s Underneath by StyleLikeU. Founded by a mother and daughter team, the project aims to “strips […]

Black Friday!

Black Friday has become synonymous with savings, and we’re going to make sure you receive savings
here at Khamit Kinks too!So on Friday, November 28th from 6:00 a.m. – to closing – come in and treat yourself!

The Coiffure Project Natural Hairstyles

I’ve got one word for this incredible photographer – FIERCE!

Kala of The KG Lifestyle Get’s Khamit Kinks Color!

Kala of The KG Lifestyle booked with us for her seasonal trim and new fall color. The results are abosutely fabulous!!! Check out the video here!

Are Locs Relevant or Passé?

Photo by Raoul Brown Photography
 So here’s the deal. I cut my Sister Locks off back in September 2008 and every September since, I’ve been saying I’m going to lock again. Why September? Because where […]

Naturalistas at BlogHer 2014

Hey Fran Hey and Awesomely Luuvie at BlogHer2014
This summer was my third year attending the annual BlogHer conference; a conference for bloggers to learn all the latest in the blogging world, from technology, advertising, writing styles, to trends […]

Texture Definition using Anu Essentials

I amdelighted to share with you how I style my hair using Anu Essentials Line of products. I’ve received so many compliments on my hair and have been asked countless times, how I achieve […]

The Natural Bride – Khamit Kinks and Munaluchi Bridal

Over the years we have serviced countless brides, their wedding parties, and family members.  I have written several blog posts here over the years regarding the beauty, elegance and relevance of the natural bride.  […]

The Styling of Chirlane McCray by Khamit Kinks

When we were called on to style the hair of the First Lady of New York, Chirlane McCray for New York Magazine, I didn’t know what to expect.  I imagined that the First Lady would have an extremely […]

The Natural Bride Then and Now

It was 33 years ago when my dear friend Jennifer was to be married and ask me to do her hair for her wedding day. Her hair had been natural even before we met […]

Extraordinary Artist Kara Walker shouts us out!

In the New York Times, Khamit Kinks client Kara Walker: Under the Influence | Kara Walker on Aerobics, D’Angelo and Her Favorite Hair Haunt.

For years Kara Walker has been a client of ours from way back […]

The Joy Goddess of Harlem – A Book on A’Lelia Walker

A’Lelia Walker here in South Sea pearls and a fur trimmed walking coat
I was incredibly excited to see that one my dear FaceBook friend, journalist, writer and historian A’Lelia Bundles was coming to New […]

In Need of a Trim!

The montage above shows my hair before my cut, after the cut, shampooed, conditioned and styled using Anu Essentials line of products.

There is no time like spring to renew all things and this includes your hair.   […]

Li Li’s Creations – Naturalista Designer

An array of Lili’s skirts- Photo by Toia B. of ToBNatural
Lili’s Skirts
I was delighted to find out this lovely sister  I kept seeing at Natural Hair Events actually made and sold the skirts she wore.  […]

Natasha Makes Mane Moves

Attend any fabulous event for Naturalistas in the New York City area and the person filming the event will most likely be Natasha Gaspard.  And it’s no wonder why.  She is a talented film […]

What’s Up with Down Dog?

Me… in an imperfect Down Dog
When I began practicing yoga in the late 70’s downward facing dog aka Down Dog or Adho Mukha Svanasana, was just one of many poses/asanas in a class. Depending on […]

For The Love of You

Sita | A harmonizing floral and spicy aphrodisiacs blended to release the Venusian Goddess with you. Sita is formulated with a rare Bulgarian rose otto, along with organic Indonesian patchouli, jasmine and coffee Co2.

All […]

Love At Any Age

On a autumn evening in 2011 I had arrived home from work and was about to settle in when Stevie Wonder rang me and asked if I’d like to go with him to Hal Jackson’s […]

Naturalista & Fashionista – Afroista, Tessa Kagbala

Afroista Tessa Kagbala
It’s was a very different kind of day, one particular Saturday this past October.  I decided along with two BFFs to go see the movie ’12 Years A Slave’.  Needless to say, […]

Digital Consultations via Skype

Owner of Khamit Kinks Anu Prestonia at her computer with Skype
We love talking to current and perspective clients about their hair and their hair options. We have been giving one-on-one consultations for many years […]

Why You Love Your HairStylist

Khamit Kink’s Stylist Kangue and client Tessa Kagbala a.k.a. Afroista – Photo by Michael July
I have a fascination with a lot of body parts and one of the most cherished that I admire are the […]

Naturalistas Travel The World w/ LuxTravelGirl

Kamala Cummings, is a sister who inspires me every time I see her posting on social media.  From Facebook to Instagram to Twitter, Kamala posts one amazing travel destination after the next.  So I […]

Dew Points and Natural Hair! Really?!

I am an avid watcher of The Weather Channel and at one point I secretly wished to be a meteorologist.  I believe this is both a fascinating and scary time to be involved with the study […]

Down-Socking: My Foot and Sock Fetish

Single socks in my house
I have a thing for socks and one of my pet peeves is missing socks!  Up until today, I had a large bag of single socks that I have held […]