Are Locs Relevant or Passé?

429887_4634291492257_871204442_nModel Lynnette Joy – Photo by Raoul Brown Photography

 So here’s the deal. I cut my Sister Locks off back in September 2008 and every September since, I’ve been saying I’m going to lock again. Why September? Because where I live, beach season is over which gives me enough time for my hair to fully lock before it’s time to frolic in the waves again.

4976Singer/Songwriter Cassandra Wilson

But the truth is… it’s been six years and I still haven’t done made the leap and the commitment.   This is in part due to the fact that I’ve been enjoying wearing my hair out and seeing how my products perform. Of course Anu Essentials works well on Locs too. Styling options with Locs are limited compared to wearing your hair out, loose.  Not to mention the whole revolution of wearing your hair out is making such a visually powerful statement these days and I’m enjoying being a part of that statement.  But you know how it is,  what’s old becomes new again;  trends come and go in cycles…

Khamit Kinks LocsLocs by Khamit Kinks

But I really do miss my Locs. I had Locs not once, not twice but three times. Each time, I wore them for 4-5 years. And although I love it when I see sisters with long lush Locs, all styled up;  never could I get pass wearing my Locs too far beyond my shoulders. My neck would start to bother me from the weight of them (except for when I had Sister Locks). But even with Sister Locks, as soon as they were beyond my shoulders, I was bored with them and cut them short and then shortly thereafter, I cut them off.

valerie-june-press-photo06-798x530Singer / Songwriter Valerie June

 One of my dear friends whom I’ve known since High School was in town recently and I mentioned to her that I wanted to lock my hair again and her reply certainly gave me cause for pause. She said, ‘I don’t care who you are, and what age you are, Locs make you look older’!  I was stunned by her statement.  Who the heck wants to look older in this youth driven society?  I’m not buying it because I know some fly and fabulous sisters who wear Locs. They don’t look older to me!


 And though I really miss my Locs, it’s the serious commitment that has made me prolong my decision to grow them again. And when I say commitment,  when I had my Locs, there would be times when I would want to feel my hair loose, wear my hair out,  comb through it, to put my fingers in it… But ahhh, that’s the sacrifice one make with Locs, there’s no combing through your hair. You have to give up those notions.

177906_914996936920_1360347963_oNiyya Tenee’ of Locs Revolution

These days with Twist-Outs and all kinds of Afros being the rage, many people believe that Locs are passé. As the owner of a natural hair care salon, I see women and men with gorgeous Locs everyday. What do you think? Are Locs just so yesterday, are they relevant or are they passé? Do you think those with Locs look older? None of those ideas ring true to me. But I’d like to hear your thoughts on the matter.  And for the best results on your Locs, use Anu Essentials Shampoo, Conditioner, Soft Set Gel and Natural Hair Oil and give your Locs a lush and nourishing experience.



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