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  • The Difference in Hair Color Treatments - Khamit Kinks

The Difference in Hair Color Treatments

THINKING ABOUT COLORING? So what is the right process to color treat natural [...]

  • Before You Color - Khamit Kinks

Before You Color

Are you thinking of a creative lift for your natural tresses as the seasons [...]

  • The Benefits of Protective Styling - Khamit Kinks

The Benefits of Protective Styling

Does your hair need a break? Is it time for a hair vacation? The [...]

  • How to Enhance Your Natural Curl - Khamit Kinks

How to Enhance Your Natural Curl

How to Enhance Your Natural Curl Natural Stylist’s are often asked: How do I [...]

  • Grow Your Hair Naturally

Growing Your Hair Long, Naturally

You’ve spent some time thinking about letting your hair grow longer, right? And now [...]

Sister Locks at Any Age!

We have a wonderful client name Rob.  I say wonderful because Rob just has a [...]

Kangue Dioume – Hair Sculptor

Teyonnah Parris and anyone who wants to looks exceptional visits Khamit Kinks for sculpted hairstyles by Kangue Dioume.

  • Khamit Kinks BLK Friday 2014

Black Friday!

Black Friday has become synonymous with savings, and we're going to make sure you receive [...]

  • My New Cut & Color | Khamit Kinks

Kala of The KG Lifestyle Get’s Khamit Kinks Color!

Kala of The KG Lifestyle booked with us for her seasonal trim and new fall [...]

  • Khamit Kinks Locs

Are Locs Relevant or Passé?

Photo by Raoul Brown Photography  So here’s the deal. I cut my Sister Locks off [...]

  • Anu Essentials

Texture Definition using Anu Essentials

I amdelighted to share with you how I style my hair using Anu Essentials Line [...]

  • Wedding - Jennifer Ivey

The Natural Bride Then and Now

It was 33 years ago when my dear friend Jennifer was to be married and [...]

  • Kara Walker

Extraordinary Artist Kara Walker shouts us out!

In the New York Times, Khamit Kinks client Kara Walker: Under the Influence | Kara [...]

  • hair scissors and comb

In Need of a Trim!

The montage above shows my hair before my cut, after the cut, shampooed, conditioned and [...]

  • Natasha Glaspard

Natasha Makes Mane Moves

Attend any fabulous event for Naturalistas in the New York City area and the person [...]

  • Skype Logo

Digital Consultations via Skype

Owner of Khamit Kinks Anu Prestonia at her computer with Skype We love talking to [...]

  • Grass

Dew Points and Natural Hair! Really?!

I am an avid watcher of The Weather Channel and at one point I secretly wished to [...]

  • Khamit Kinks Chaka Khan Weave

A New Hair Style

Khamit Kinks Chaka Khan Weave  A woman often looks refreshed in a brand new hairstyle [...]

Consultations for Natural Hair Styles

Khamit Kinks Recommend Consultations At Khamit Kinks we highly recommend that most clients come into the [...]